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*Please note: You will receive a clip of your mastered song back - not the full track. We are confident that you will absolutely LOVE the finished product...listen for yourself!

For a free sample, you MUST contact us when your song has finished uploading. All you need to do is write "Free Sample", so we know your song is waiting.

If you like, it is very helpful to include information about the mastered sound you are looking for - for example, a song or artist with a production sound that you love.

Click "browse" to select your file, and keep clicking it to select multiple songs (for paid projects). Please make sure your song is not already loud and compressed when you send it. NOTE: Sending a song might take a while, so be patient. There is no progress bar, so just leave the page open and loading until you get a confirmation message. If you have any problems uploading please use to safely send your file to us (you can send it to the email address below.)