Free Home Recording Ebook

Record your music at home for some of the best results! As a matter of fact, our full color home recording ebook will show you how. Thanks to recent technology, more and more people are choosing to avoid the expense of a big studio.

Looking for info on building your in home studio? Our head mastering engineer has compiled years of knowledge and experience into one convenient, free recording guide. Covers home audio mixing in detail, including mixing tips and tricks. We’ll even get you a free professional master when you’re ready.

Free Home Recording Ebook / Guide

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This is the perfect resource if you’re looking to save money in these uncertain economic times. We say create your very own space, and save your budget for touring across the country! Spend all the time your project deserves – and save thousands of dollars in the process. This is what a home studio ebook SHOULD be.

The guide teaches many aspects of construction and use, whether you use Pro Tools, Logic Pro or Cubase. The software isn’t nearly as intimidating as you might think. We’ll just get you over the first hurdle. Never has there been such an easy-to-follow recording ebook explaining:

  • The right gear (at the right price)
  • Studio setup and acoustics
  • Great Techniques to record yourself
  • Priceless home mixing tips & tricks
  • Working with effects and plugins (EQ, delay, reverb, compression)

Our head engineer says he would have killed to have all this information in one place when he was getting started. It will surely save you a lot of time and money.

The Only Home Recording Ebook You’ll Need

In fact, our head engineer used these exact tips and techniques to start his own paying studio!

That’s right. With the help of this ebook, rather than just record yourself, you can get paid to record others. Our engineer did, and he grew to work with artists from all over California. He eventually founded Last Drop Mastering – now working with artists from around the world.

Basically, you won’t find a home recording guide that breaks it down and saves you money like this.