Audio Mixing Services

Mixing and Mastering with Last Drop can make a huge difference on your project. Having the ability to process your instrument files individually can really take your mix to the next level. Listen to the before and after track we have up on myspace to hear the difference the right pair of ears can make.

Ever feel like your vocals get lost in the mix, your guitars don’t have that edge or that you don’t have the massive up front kick drum sound you’d like? These can all be taken care of with proper mixing and mastering. Everything will have it’s own distinct place in the mix and the overall sound will be big, crisp and clear.

Mixing and Mastering at Last Drop

Submitting for Mixing and Mastering

We’ll be happy to do a test master for free, but due to the time consuming nature of mixing, a mixing and mastering sample requires a $100 fee. We may be able to do a “budget mix” sample for you at no cost, so contact us for more info on that. Don’t process, normalize, or maximize any of the instrument tracks before sending them to us.

Please make sure all of your audio tracks are EXACTLY the same length, so that they’ll line up perfectly. They should all start at the same point if nothing else. You can “consolidate audio” in Pro Tools to make them the same length. For example, if your song is 4 minutes long, then every instrument track of that song will also be 4 minutes long – even if it just has one small section of sound on it. This way we have no timing issues and we can work with your files no matter what program you used to record them.

Audio-Mastering-Waveform by Last Drop

Just make sure the files that are mono are bounced out or consolidated as mono files.  24 bit files are best if possible. Everything can be zipped up together and uploaded at once. Click here for more info on this. Mixing and mastering requires a fresh start, it’s the best way for us to get the most out of the raw files you provide us with. Contact us for the latest mixing rates.