Engineer Sound yourself for the perfect drums sound!
Engineer Sound yourself for the perfect drums sound!

"Thanks again for your work. Excellent communication and your skills are top notch. I recommend to everyone...a pleasure to do business with. Thank you!"

Stick Figure (#1 Reggae album on Itunes - surpassing even Bob Marley)

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(Please read below before sending us your song...if you already read the Free Mastering Sample page, go ahead and scroll down for upload)

SAMPLE SONGS:Due to heavy load, please submit sample songs only if you are seriously considering professional mastering.

When your song has finished uploading, please Contact Us to let us know that it's ready. If you are looking for a specific sound, consider emailing us a reference song. You will receive a free mastered clip of your song, and the difference will blow your mind!

Are your songs ready for mastering?
(40% of songs uploaded are not. Read carefully for best results)

All we need is a "rough" stereo mixdown of your song. No EQ or compression on the master track is needed. 3 or 4db of headroom is preferred. Also make sure your song isn't clipping (in the red).

Don't boost the volume!!

For best results, don't use any plugins or compression on the master track to make your song louder...the volume should sound low (however, this doesn't just mean turning it down). Boosting the volume is a small but important part of the mastering process. The audio you get us should look like the picture on top. The one on the bottom has already been compressed and mastered.

If your recording is decent to begin with, your mastering will sound great. We can't salvage a maxed out or poor recording though.

For PAID projects

Make sure your songs are not already too loud and over-compressed (see image above). Please Email us when your project has uploaded. If you have any specific instructions for fade ins or fade outs (or if there should be NO fades) let us know. Email us with your name, song title(s) deadline(if applicable), and all necessary info. Payment info can be found here.

If you have read above and are ready for uploading, click


(Any format except wma)

(If you have a project coming up and need your sample done asap please email to let us know.)


If you have multiple files to upload you can zip them into one file by (on a PC) selecting all of them and then right clicking. Then select "create archive" or "zip files". On a Mac just select the files and go to file>"create archive of __ items".

(Be patient, WAV, AIFF files, and big projects can take some time. NOTE: Sometimes Internet Explorer doesn't work too well, so if possible we recommend using Firefox.)

If you are still having problems uploading, you can go to and safely send your song to us.

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