Engineer Sound yourself for the perfect drums sound!
Engineer Sound yourself for the perfect drums sound!

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Simply upload your track below and receive a free mastering sample - right in your inbox! Hear what YEARS of fine-tuned audio experience can do for your songs.

Sadly, professional mastering is being overlooked more and more these days, as people think they can simply use a plugin preset or "mastering software" to get professional results. Wow, what a mistake. While there have been some incredible advances in digital recording technology, nothing can replace a pair of "golden ears". Stay with me...

Why Upload a Song For a Test Master?

What people don't realize is that mastering is an art - one that takes YEARS to perfect. This is no simple can never reproduce an expertly trained human ear in the perfect audio environment. We like to say..."If your song hasn't been professionally mastered, then your song isn't DONE. Period."

Indeed, working for weeks (or even months) writing, practicing, and recording/mixing songs, and then never finalizing them with proper's kind of like having a Ferrari with no paint job.

Hearing a song once it's been properly mastered is hearing it come to life. Dull, lifeless recordings with muddy frequencies become crisp and bright...larger than life...and they provide that "punch and clarity" that professional artists achieve. You don't have to take my word for it, you'll hear it firsthand when you receive your free mastering sample.

How To Upload Your Song

Simply click the button below and read the instructions on the upload page.

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Upload a free test master

(Due to our busy schedule, please only send in a song if you have a project ready to go soon, or are seriously considering our services in the future. If your project has a deadline, contact us and we'll prioritize your song for you. We will email it back to you).

Benefits Of Online Mastering

These days you can upload a song directly from the comfort of your home. The online process is super streamlined and efficient...if you arrange it with us, you may even be able to receive your finished product within 48 hours of submission! If you might like to hear any adjustments, just let us know and we will take care of you.

Before online mastering, some clients would ask to sit in on sessions, and this created problems for engineers who like to work under specific "inspired" conditions. Often the clients would ask for adjustments that sounded correct to their ears in the mastering house, but then sounded totally off when they listened on their own home systems, which they were more familiar with. This can result in an extensive (and expensive) back and forth process. In our opinion, online mastering has solved this problem. Now the engineers be left to create their best work, and do so efficiently.

Tips For Uploading The Best Sample

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you double check the email address you use when submitting your song, if there is a typo, it will be sent to the wrong email. If it's a wav or aiff file, be patient. Uploading may take a while depending on your connection, but nothing compared to the mail. There is a limit of one free mastering sample per project.

*For best results, please make sure the song has no EQ, compression or limiting on the master track. If you're recording in a studio, let the engineer know that you want unmastered versions so you can get a sample done with outside "fresh" ears. It's best to know that you will be in the best possible hands with your project. Songs should be as rough as possible, with a low volume.

It has always been highly recommended that you get your recording and mixing done by a separate audio engineer...mastering requires a specialist who has fresh ears and fresh perspective. As an artist, you know how hard it is to listen to a song you obsessed and repeated over and over while practicing and recording it. It's the same for recording engineers...they are "too close to it". They need to pass it along to an objective mastering professional who can give it the proper finishing touches it deserves.
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