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Free Mastering Sample
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Robots? No, to clarify, we are not an algorithm. We are Last Drop Mastering, out of San Francisco, California.

Basically, we are the real deal.

For 15 years, our sample masters have been sent not only to the U.S, but all around the world. As a result, hundreds of satisfied bands, artists, and labels are return customers. Yes, our (human) engineers work especially hard for clients.

In Short, a “Diamond in the Rough”

It’s important to realize the difference professional mastering actually makes. Here at Last Drop, we treat each submitted song like a “diamond in the rough”. In other words, a challenge to take something raw, and turn it into a polished masterpiece. This kind of passion seems to be dying out.

“Instant Mastering” – The (Albeit Sad) Truth

You see, true professional mastering is being overlooked more and more these days. Some people just drop their song into a “cookie cutter” software preset, not to mention these “robot mastering services”. You? Your music has soul…robots don’t have soul. They can’t feel the music – and that’s important.

Sad, because these musicians will never know how great their music could have been by comparison.

The Right Gear – Coupled With “Golden Ears”

Although there have been some incredible advances in digital audio technology, nothing can replace a pair of “golden ears”. Certainly not for this crucial final stage of audio production.

Audio Mastering Gear Graphic - Last Drop Mastering

Surely, mastering gear is important – but it’s useless without an expert engineer. (Pin it!)

“If Your Song is Not Mastered, It’s Not Finished. Period.”

Some artists prepare for months writing, practicing, recording, and then mixing their song. Yet, at the end, they skip what is arguably the most important step of all! I’m going to say something, and I cannot stress it enough:

Basically, an unmastered song is like a Ferrari with no paint job.

Wow…as a matter of fact, I’m going to meme that.
An Unmastered Song is like a Ferrari with no paint job.Boom. (Pin it!)

Submit an Online Test Master – Hear For Yourself

In contrast, hearing a song mastered properly is like listening to it come alive. Dull recordings with muddy frequencies become crisp and bright…and as a result, larger than life. They achieve that “punch” and “clarity” that professional tracks are known for.

You don’t have to take my word for it, because you’ll receive your free mastering sample soon…

Don’t Believe What You Read – By All Means – Believe What You HEAR.

Preparing Your Free Mastering Sample

(Note: These steps are not strict requirements,  so we’ll work with what you’ve got. If you’re looking for more info specifically, see How To Prepare a Song For Mastering. It’s more in detail.)

For Significantly Better Results, Here are More Quick Tips:

  • Keep a Low Overall Volume – Leave a few db of headroom so there is no clipping (no peaking in the red)
  • Don’t use any overall “master” effects – such as reverb or vintage warmers.
  • Make sure the song has no EQ, compression or limiting on the master track (For instance, volume maximize / boosters)
Free Mastering Sample - Uncompressed & Over Compressed Audio
Compression is part of the mastering process (Pin it!)
  • Stem Mastering (multiple tracks) is more work, so this type of sample may require a small fee. Contact us if interested.
  • Any format could technically work for a test song, but we’re after quality – so .WAV or .AIFF is great.

Most Important Uploading Tips

  • With slow Internet, larger WAV and AIFF files may take a moment to upload (there should be a progress bar)
  • Please include an email address where we can send your sample. Check your spelling, because typos = no sample!
  • We recommend that you use the “comments” section to describe the sound you would like. Examples of this are: “Punchy/Bass Heavy/LOUD/Warm/Crisp/Bright…or a More Relaxed Volume, with Natural Dynamics”…etc. (If it’s easier, just use other artists as examples of your favorite sound.)


*Spoiler alert: Due to the fact that it’s a sample, you will receive a portion of your song back. The point isn’t to just give you something free, it’s to demo the stellar online work we do for clients around the world. We are busy professionals, so please keep that in mind.

Given that you’ve read this far, you’re probably seriously considering our services, right? So upload away.

You will LOVE our work. Trust us.

We recommend answering these 2 questions before you upload your sample:

(An artist, band, album, or specific song - we will use this as a reference to get you the perfect sound. Example: "Radiohead", or "Drake")
(You Will Upload Your Song After.)
*Note – If you do not type your email address correctly, we won’t be able to send your song to you.

Not Working?

You can send your song securely through – just click that link and choose the “free” option. Make sure you include your email address in the “from” section.

Though the forms should already be filled in for you, if you need,  you can scroll down below (this page). Martin’s email address is listed on his business card.

Compared to all the other file transfer services, we prefer Wetransfer.

Finally, if your song / project has a deadline, contact us so we can prioritize it for you.

Free Song Mastering Sample
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Sample Upload – Troubleshooting

Occasionally some special characters such as “$” or “%” are not accepted by the uploader. Try putting only normal letters or numbers in your song title.

If you still have no luck, you can send your free mastering sample securely through

The fields should already be filled in for you (if not, you can use Martin’s email below instead.)

Martin Anderson Contact Card @ Last Drop Mastering

Furthermore, you are welcome to send one free mastering sample for each project you have in the future.

Overall, investing in your music is something that you’ll never regret. There is nothing like the satisfaction of hearing your own songs, polished up and ready for the world.

It’s a great feeling, indeed.

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